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Our aim is to create a more efficient model for accessing ground based elements in space missions, with particular interest in communications for space vehicles in LEO, GEO and deep space. We expect this model to create new interaction pathways between ground stations, satellite operators and space vehicles, ultimately leading to the creation of a new space data economy based on tokenization of data.
Ground Segment
Why tokenise space communications?
With the rapidly increasing number of vehicles deployed into space and ever increasing downlink rates, ground stations are likely to become bottlenecks.
How we will do it?
What if we could make more efficient use of ground stations by automatically distributing work worldwide, instead of locally or regionally, and tokenizing idle time to create a more liquid market for new and existing customers.
Pilot project - tokenisation of space communications with Goonhilly
Advanced tokenisation scheme focused on idle time and global networking, with Goonhilly and selected partners
Formation of a new space communications market
We are confident that data tokenization will create new commercial opportunities around space exploration and establish Spacebit as one of the largest contributors to the future of the UK space economy.
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