Pavlo Tanasyuk, Spacebit CEO and Founder at the 3rd Moon Village Workshop in Tokyo, Japan
How microrobotics could help humanity build future habitats on the Moon? Check out a full presentation by Pavlo Tanasyuk, Spacebit CEO and Founder at the 3rd Moon Village Workshop in Tokyo.
The 3rd International Moon Village Workshop & Symposium present various issues for the growth of such society on the Moon, discussing on-going and planned Moon programs. The goal is to expand the support of the platform for exchanging and sharing such information that is the Moon Village Association. The Workshop and Symposium 2019 also aims to expand the international and domestic communities for future discussions and to network people interested in Moon Village's activities in various fields of industry, government, and academia.
About Spacebit

Spacebit is a privately held UK company that is working on space data analytics tools and robotic concepts of space exploration that include AI and advanced microrobotics. The company believes in creating commercially sustainable data and robotics business in space exploration. Spacebit's approach to engineering is to deliver a low cost solution for exploration of celestial bodies. Its goal is creating new opportunities for industry, academia and helping with future development of a new infrastructure and commercial resource exploration on the Moon and beyond. Spacebit is also using distributed ledger technologies to create new data models and democratise access to space.