Spacebit signed agreement on mission and technical cooperation with Japanese company Dymon

During The 3rd International Moon Village Workshop & Symposium in Kyoto on December 5-8, 2019 , Spacebit signed an agreement with Japanese based space company Dymon on technical and mission collaboration within the next trip to Moon in July 2021.

First, from the technical side, Spacebit and Dymon will cooperate on the Moon as their Lunar rovers Asagumo and Yaoki will communicate with the Earth via Astrobotic lander. Within this mission cooperation, Spacebit and Dymon rovers will take each others photo on the Moon using their own cameras.

Note that earlier in 2019, Spacebit and Dymon signed an agreement to deliver their first lunar rovers Asagumo and Yaoki on Astrobotic's upcoming Peregrine mission in 2021. Astrobotic's Peregrine lunar lander will be launched on a Vulcan Centaur rocket from Space Launch Complex-41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

About Astrobotic

Astrobotic Technology, Inc. is a space robotics company that seeks to make space accessible to the world. The company's lunar lander, Peregrine, delivers payloads to the Moon for companies, governments, universities, non-profits, and individuals for $1.2 million per kilogram. Astrobotic was selected by NASA in May 2019 for a $79.5 million contract to deliver payloads to the Moon in 2021. The company also has more than 30 prior and ongoing NASA and commercial technology contracts, a commercial partnership with Airbus DS, and a corporate sponsorship with DHL. The company is also an official partner with NASA through the Lunar CATALYST Program. Astrobotic was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.

About Dymon

Dymon Co, Ltd. is a privately held Tokyo based company that is working on innovative robotic designs. Dymon has continuously developed its lunar rover called Yaoki for 8 years, with the base technology completed in 2018. Dymon's approach to robotic development is based on open innovation, and seeking to collaborate with like minded innovators. The Yaoki project has been selected by the Start Up Factory operated by Toshin Manufacturing Co., Ltd. a Tokyo based corporation, and set up its main factory in the Haneda area of Tokyo where innovative and ground-breaking technologies, like Dymon's Yaoki can be developed for the global market .

This Yaoki project that will explore the Moon in 2021 will continue and evolve as a group exploration after 2022, and Dymon aims to send 100 Yaokis to the Moon by 2030. By that time, Yaoki would have an autonomic nerve and seek to create a symbiotic society on the Moon. Dymon's goal is not only to explore the Moon with robots but the company also believes robots have great potential for permanent body repairs by 3D printers and artificial intelligence.

About Spacebit

Spacebit is a privately held UK company that is working on space data analytics tools and robotic concepts of space exploration that includes AI and advanced microrobotics. The company believes in creating commercially sustainable data and robotics business in space exploration. Spacebit's approach to engineering is to deliver a low cost solution for exploration of celestial bodies. Its goal is creating new opportunities for industry, academia and helping with future development of a new infrastructure and commercial resource exploration on the Moon and beyond. Spacebit is also using distributed ledger technologies to create new data models and democratise access to space.