Spacebit is testing Asagumo rover in the Komokado Kazaana cave in Japan

Throw back to our test-drive in Japan.

During our Venture in Japan we took Asagumo to the Komokado Kazaana cave where it explored lava tubes which are similar to those on the Moon surface.

This 'test-drive' was definitely symbolic for expressing the rover's tight connection to its Japanese name.

Asagumo's lava tubes exploration is a huge step not only for Spacebit but for lunar technology and development advancement.
Best coffee break ever! Junichi Haruyama, a senior researcher at JAXA who has actually discovered the lunar lava tubes is drinking a coffee with Spacebit CEO and world's first walking rover Asagumo.

What's the story behind the unusual name of the Asagumo rover?

"Asa no kumo ha fuku ga kuru" (Japanese: 朝の蜘蛛は福が来る、夜の蜘蛛は盗人が来る) - it is an old Japanese proverb saying that a morning spider brings luck. Spacebit CEO Pavlo Tanasyuk was inspired by this belief when he heard the story during a visit to Japan last year. It's also pushed us to create the first part of manga comics about the Adventures of Asagumo rover. Now we share this unique piece of art with all admirers of Japanese culture.
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