Spacebit team at the SpaceCom, the Global Commercial Space Conference and Exposition
Now in its sixth year, SpaceCom, the Global Commercial Space Conference and Exposition, addresses the strategic issues in the commercial space sector that will enable your business to set a clear course to gain a competitive advantage in the coming trillion-dollar space economy.
This past year, SpaceCom operated under a Space Act Agreement with NASA. The Department of Commerce and Department of Energy join NASA and the commercial space industry in collaborating on the development of the show. SpaceCom provides you the strategic information you need to set your business up for success in the evolving space economy.
About Spacebit

Spacebit is a privately held UK company that is working on space data analytics tools and robotic concepts of space exploration that include AI and advanced microrobotics. The company believes in creating commercially sustainable data and robotics business in space exploration. Spacebit's approach to engineering is to deliver a low cost solution for exploration of celestial bodies. Its goal is creating new opportunities for industry, academia and helping with future development of a new infrastructure and commercial resource exploration on the Moon and beyond. Spacebit is also using distributed ledger technologies to create new data models and democratise access to space.