30 October 2018
Spacebit Capital Commercializing and Exploring the Earth-Moon System
Spacebit Capital has recently announced the world's first tokenized VC fund dedicated to finance and investment in the global space industry. Our focus is on space commercialization, with a particular interest in near Earth and Lunar exploration. We are innovating financial and operational capacities worldwide to bring blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) to space and the moon.

Spacebit Capital is searching for opportunities related to Lunar robotic exploration, space materials science, Lunar additive manufacturing, Lunar GPS, Life support systems and technologies, AI assisted moon mining, and Lunar payload development.

Spacebit Capital is looking to invest in commercial space companies from start-up to mature stages with the following primary and secondary focus:

Spacebit Capital Primary Focus —Early stage, space-related, intellectual property intensive companies focusing on downstream software and satellite data transmission associated with the earth-moon system, especially blockchain, DLT, and space internet of things (SIoT) related companies.

Spacebit Capital Secondary Focus — Companies with propulsion, robotics, and remote sensing intellectual property at a high TRL and human capital associated with experience in advanced research projects for Earth and Lunar science required in next generation space missions.

Spacebit Capital has partners and advisors which are also part of the Crypto Space Angels network which is focused on connecting commercial space companies with a blockchain, DLT, and SIoT focus with financing opportunities and partners with high TRL intellectual property.

Spacebit Capital has assembled a team of partners and advisors which includes Pavlo Tanasyuk — Founder & CEO at Spacebit Technologies, Chris Welch — Professor of Space Engineering at the International Space University (ISU), Ian Angell — Emeritus Professor at the London School of Economics (LSE), Pavel Pogodin — Head of Legal at Spacebit Technologies, Akiumi Okabe at Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Seth Wahle — Senior Consultant at Mission Multiplier who is currently working with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Ronnie Nader — EXA Astronaut who is the first Ecuadorian Astronaut, Martin Mössler — General Manager at the European Space Agency (ESA) BIC, Meidad Pariente — CTO and Founder of Sky and Space Global, Jay Dawani — Founder & CEO of Lumerian Labs, and Samuel Reid — Co-Founder & CEO of Geometric Energy Corporation, VP Development of Spacebit Technologies, and holds a position at IOTA Foundation.

Please contact us for further information and your interest with respect to commercializing the Earth-Moon system or participation in the Spacebit Capital tokenized VC fund. Spacebit Technologies and Spacebit Capital collaboratively aim to act as the world's first decentralized space agency.

Websites: Spacebit.Capital & Spacebit.com